Wellness Program

For Corporates


Wellness Program for Corporates

With modern day lifestyle taking over the health of almost everyone these days, especially the corporate employees, corporate wellness has become the need of the hour. The good news is that not just people individually, but the organizations have also started to acknowledge the issue. After all, the lifestyle of people at workforce and in turn their health is as important for the productivity of an employ as much as the entire organization.

Hence, many workplaces and employers are now promoting less sitting during the work hours and even enacting ways and policies to help employees reduce physical inactivity. While organizations have the will, we show them the way to accomplish that. By providing ways to engage their employees into physical activity through innovative sessions, we ensure corporate wellness before it becomes an unachievable truth.

To help enhance productivity and work life contentment, we provide sessions of every scale, from regular ones to one time large scale events. We have been making sure that fitness spreads to each and every corporate of the city by allowing them some refreshment, a break in their day’s routine and a healthier activity through wellness related sessions.

We have got the people of organizations like Bank of America, Rio Tinto, Emaar Business Parks, Lifestyle Corporate etc. grooving and moving in the limits of their office complex and we are only expanding our reach to make every employee feel happier from inside as well as outside.

In a hope to produce a healthier and fit workforce

we provide the following sessions:

Zumba Fitness





Kick Boxing

Strong By Zumba


Bhangra Fitness

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