26 七月 2017

Togaf認證 - 完整指南





TOGAF仍然是開放組織架構框架。 它是一種企業級架構框架,提供了一種處理企業信息技術架構的設計,規劃,實施和管理的方法。


它取決於美國國防部的信息管理技術架構框架(TAFIM),由The Open Group製作。 開放集團是一個賣方和技術無偏見的行業聯盟,有超過五百個組織協會,是清除考試的主要機構。


TOGAF確認工作人員的原則是通過採用異常的國家方式來處理計劃來提高企業的總體生產力。 基本上,這門課程是針對希望成為專家型企業架構師的競爭對手的。 一個 TOGAF認證 is an unmistakable put stock in stamp

●ensuring partners that essential standards of design framework are grasped

●analytical abilities have been created and can be effectively connected to an enterprises’ design structure.

Where in an association can TOGAF be implemented?

Since TOGAF embraces an abnormal state way to deal with plan, it is regularly displayed at 4 levels of an enterprise’s compositional areas, to be specific Business, Application, Data and Technology.

Business Architecture – This is the thing that characterizes the business procedure, administration, association and key business procedures of the association

Application Architecture – That which gives the individual diagram to the individual frameworks to be sent, the communications between the application frameworks and their relationship profoundly business forms

Data Architecture – That which portrays the structure of an association’s legitimate and physical data resources and their management assets.

Technical Architecture – The equipment, programming and network framework required for principle applications

Who is qualified to show up for the TOGAF認證

There is no qualification criteria for getting a TOGAF 9.1 certification. In any case, an applicant needs to clear the exams of the licensed association to wind up plainly an Enterprise Architect.

What number of Levels of Examinations are to be cleared?

Competitor envious of a TOGAF 9.1 are required to clear two examinations, Level 1 for the TOGAF Foundation course and Level 2 for the TOGAF 9.1 certification. Hopefuls planning on concentrate by them would be very much encouraged to clear one Level at once. In any case, preparing foundations have outlined their courses such that a competitor can ponder for, and clear both these Levels in one go. The preparation time frame with an establishment is as a rule for 4 days and for self-examine is 2 weeks

What are the imprints required for clearing the Examination?

The correct separation of imprints is –

1. Level One or Foundation level – The pass rate required is 55% which is 22 out of a most extreme of 40 focuses. These are every one of different decision inquiries with each inquiry conveying a solitary stamp.

2. Level Two or Certified level – The pass rate required is 60% which is 24 out of a most extreme of 40 focuses. These are every one of various decision inquiries with each inquiry conveying a solitary stamp.

3. Level One and Two Combined TOGAF 9.1 – The exam comprises of two sections. Section one is same as Level One paper specified above and section two is same as Level Two paper said above, however in the event that the examinee bombs any one segment he is to re-take just that area of the exam once more. Just an Accredited Training Course supplier can enable contender to clear the two Levels in one go.

Purpose of Note:

The two Levels must be cleared for a possibility to be granted the Togaf 9.1 certificaiton.

Hole between two endeavors – There must be a hole of one month between fizzled endeavors. For instance, if an applicant comes up short an exam on 25th June, 2017, the hold up period until 27th June, 2017 must be clung to. Any exam endeavored before that won’t be considered.

Where do the examinations happen?

The examinations happens either at Pearson VUE focuses in the nation and is an open book examination, wherein the examinee is allowed to choose “reference” tab amid the exam on the PC screen to peruse through the book and allude to the material. The second alternative is to give an online examination. Most showing focuses will encourage the online exams, and will in certainty even prepare you for the end of the year test with a deride up variant as a feature of their course structure.

What are the significant touch purposes of a TOGAF Certification course

由於 TOGAF Certification Course is gone for improving the ranges of abilities of an enterprise architectures, the course structure extensively covers:

  • Architecture Development Method in different stage
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • Enterprise Continuum and Tools
  • 架構分區, Governance, Principles and so forth.

Amid the course, a competitor will:

  • Get comfortable with the Preliminary Phase and in addition Migration Planning Techniques
  • Understand Architecture Content Framework, Metamodel alongside Governance.
  • Implementation of Architectural help systems and comprehension of business situations,
  • Understand ADM, its necessity management and the different adjustments of ADM
  • Comprehend the Maturity Models and Skills Framework for Business Architecture

What is the present cost of preparing for a TOGAF 9.1 certification?

An in-class consider for both the courses – Foundation and Certified together will cost around about INR 75,000. Aside from the cost, it is vital to check the preparation foundation and its framework before concluding.

What are the future prospects after the culmination of TOGAF 9.1 certification course

Since the applicant will build up a profound comprehension of enterprise level architecture, the future prospects include:

  • Hired as a business planner for MNCs, and brands over the world. Today, no organization, open or private can work without a vigorous business architecture set up
  • Work as an expert drawing an extensive compensation for distinguishing, plan and actualize design frameworks inside an enterprise

TOGAF 9.1認證 is a worldwide benchmark for the capacity to effectively convey on the parts and obligations regarding distinguishing, evaluating and implementing the right frameworks for an enterprise. Today, every association, going for development and advancement, needs business modelers with the capacity to comprehend, break down and afterward make the right answers for the achievement of activities.


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