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Python Certification Training Course

This Python Basics certification training course will help you to understand important python programming concepts like Object-oriented concepts, Data Operations, File Operations and different  Python libraries such as, Numpy, Matplotlib, and Pandas, etc. 

You will learn good techniques to deal with different types of data like encoding, categorical, and ordinal and data visualization.  With our real life case studies you will become an industry-ready professional.

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Python Course Overview

This Python Basics certification course covers basic concepts of Python Programming like writing scripts, file operations, oops, and web scraping. During this Python training, you will learn how to use python libraries such as Numpy, Panda & Matplotlib etc.


Python Training Key Features

Skills Covered


Python is a powerful open-source programming language that is very easy to learn & use. It has a powerful function libraries for data analytics & manipulation. In past python was used in scientific computing & specific domains like Finance, Oil and Gas, Physics & Signal Processing.  Now a days it is preferred as a most demanding language for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Robotics, DevOps & web development.

Training Options

Self-Paced eLearning

  • Lifetime access to recorded self-paced eLearning course created by industry experts
  • 3.simulation test for Practice
  • Microsoft exam voucher also included
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Corporate Training

  • Live Instructor Led / Campus delivery model
  • Flexible pricing options according to your requirements
  • Pre & Post evaluation test for comparison
  • 24x7 support & assistance

Python Basics Course Curriculum


Any IT professional who is interested in  Python Programming Certification Course and want to build his career in Data Analytics, Data science or want to become a programmer, developer, technical lead, architect , statisticians, business analysts, project managers, or Business Intelligence Managers.


Basically there are no any specific requirements for python programming certification training course. But if you have basic knowledge of programming, that will be beneficial for you.

Course Content

  • Introduction About Python
  • A Brief History of Python
  • Python Versions
  • Installing Python – Step by Step process.
  • About IDLE Environment
  • Executing Python from the Command Line
  • Editing Python Files
  • Python Documentation
  • Getting Help
  • DataTypes
  • Python Reserved Words
  • Naming Conventions
  • Basic Syntax For Writing a Small Program in Python
  • Comments
  • The format Method
  • Various  Operators and their explanations
  • Numeric Data Types
  • Conversion Functions
  • Simple Output
  • Simple Input
  • The % Method
  • The print Function
  • String Handlings
  • Various String Methods and their working
  • Making of programs used to check validations using various String Methods
  • Indenting Requirements
  • The if Statement
  • Multiple if Statement and Nested if Statements
  • If..elif… else Statement
  • The while Loop and its working
  • break and continue statement in Python
  • The for Loop and its working
  • Use of range Function
  • Introduction To Collections
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries
  • Sorting Dictionaries
  • Copying Collections
  • Making a Dynamic List or Tuple or a Set or a Dictionary
  • Searching Techniques from collection objects
  • Introduction To Function
  • Why Functions 
  • Creating Your Own Functions – User Defined Functions
  • Passing of Parameters in Functions
  • Use of Default Value and Optional Parameters
  • Passing Collections to a Function
  • Variable Number of Arguments
  • Scope of a Variable
  • Recursion Technique
  • Use of Map and filters in Function
  • Lambda or Anonymous Functions
  • Horizontal and Vertical scaling 
  • Launch Configurations
  • Auto scaling group
  • Modules
  • Standard Modules – sys
  • Standard Modules – math
  • Standard Modules – time
  • The OS Module
  • Installation of Packages Like Numpy , Scipy …and other useful modules
  • Errors
  • Runtime Errors
  • The Exception Model
  • Exception Hierarchy
  • Handling Multiple Exceptions
  • raise
  • assert
  • Creating Your Own Exceptions
  • Introduction To File Handling
  • Concept of Data Streams
  • Different File Access Modes
  • Writing Data to a File
  • Reading Data From a File
  • Additional File Methods
  • Handling IO Exceptions
  • Working with Directories
  • Use of Metadata
  • The pickle Module – To handle binary Files.
  • Concept of Classes and Objects
  • Principles of Object Orientation
  • Creating Classes in Python
  • Members of a Class Methods and Variables
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Introduction
  • Simple Character Matches
  • Special Characters
  • Character Classes
  • Quantifiers
  • The Dot Character
  • Greedy Matches
  • Grouping
  • Matching at Beginning or End
  • Match Objects
  • Substituting
  • Splitting a String
  • Compiling Regular Expressions
  • Flags

Python Exam & Certification

There are no pre-requisites for Python Certification Exam, you must have the knowledge of python programming language & its libraries.

Yes, Microsoft offers Python Proramming Certification, to get the microsoft MTA Certification you have to appear in Exam 98-381. 

As well as the Python Institute also offers the independent and vendor-neutral certifications in the Python Programming language i.e. PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (Entry Level, provided via OpenEDG Testing Service). You can take this exam by registering on Pearson-vue, It has thousands of Exam centres world-wide.

Along with Python Institute or Microsoft certificate you will also get a Python training completion certificate from Innovative Technology Solutions.

To unlock our Python Programming certificate from ITS, you must have to do following:

Python Basics Online Classroom:

  1. You will have to attend one complete batch.
  2. You must have to complete at least one project and our simulation test and score at least 60% marks in the test.


Online Self learning:

  1. In self-learning you must have to complete at least 85% of the course.
  2. Score minimum 60% marks in the simulation test and complete a project.

The cost of the Python Certifications are given below:

  • Python Certification from Microsoft will cost you approx ₹3696 INR* in India while $127 in United States (Price based on the country in which the exam is proctored.) for more info you can visit –


Note: you can also appear for Microsoft MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python Via Pearson Vue Exam Center as well.


  • If you will go for python certification from via Pearson Vue they will charge you about $200-300 for the exam for more information you can visit –


Note:  Taxes could be charged extra

To get a Python Certification you must have completed your python training form  a reputed Training Compnay or Institute and there after you are able to take the exam.  Once you have pass your python exam, you will get a Python Certification within 2-3 days. 

You will also notified on mail for the same.

To prepare for a Python Certification Exam you must have to follow these methods:

  • Take a Python Training from a reputed Training Compnay or Insitute or from a highly experienced trainer.
  • Practice python codes, understand its libraries.
  • Join Python Communities and connect with others.
  • Use Python Guides and White Papers for deep understanding.


Once you are fully confident that you are ready for the certification go for the exam to your nearest Pearson Vue Test Center.

In case if you fail the Python Exam, you will have to wait at least 14 days to retake the examination. And there are no limits, how many times you retake the exam. 

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Why Innovative Technology Solutions

Our Virtual Instructor Led Training model brings classroom learning experience online. With our world-class LMS instructor-led training, self-paced E-learning and personalized mentoring you will get an immersive first-class learning experience.

Self-Paced E-learning

A self-paced e-learning with recorded video sessions that you can access anytime without going beyond your comfort zone.

Live Virtual Classroom

An interactive classroom style virtual instructor led training to engage and learn more alongside your peers with a live trainer.

Learner's Community

A Social forum where you can ask your questions, one of our expert will reply you within 24 hours on that community.

Online Access of Labs

Online access of practise labs that you can access anytime, anywhere your machine.

Industry Based Projects

Real-time Industry based projects will be shared by the trainers throughout the program

24/7 Assistance

Get engaged with integrated support assistance on your desktop and mobile learning


Trainer will be Python certified having more than 25 years of experience in training and working in the IT field.

Yes, Microsoft Exam Voucher fee is included in the course fee.

No,  it will never expire.

Our Online classroom (Instructor-Led) training for Python will be conducted via live streaming app like zoom, Web-ex, or blue jeans by an Python certified trainer having experience of more than 25 years in IT domain & training.

All of our classes are conducted via live streaming app these are the interactive sessions that enable you to even ask questions with the trainer and participate in discussions during class time. We also record each session and share it with you for future reference.