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Induction Training

Looking for induction training partner?

Induction training, often known as onboarding or orientation, is the process of introducing a new employee to their new role inside the company. The goal of this training is to help new employees understand not only their function, but also what is expected of them as a member of your team. Furthermore, induction training teaches new workers about their new working environment and what they may expect from the business culture.

It’s typically perceived as the first obstacle that new starts must jump over in order to properly begin work in their new capacity, but it should seem like a welcome procedure, meant to help them feel comfortable and capable.

Innovative Technology Solutions provides thorough induction training, during which we work on participant communication skills, corporate etiquette, and technical skills.

Technical and communication abilities are both equally crucial, and our carefully created program assists many businesses in focusing both talents in the same time span. This rigorous induction program ensures resource preparedness. 660be5a8dfb67 e1716806385205

Induction Training Programs

1) Java full stack induction training with Communication skills

2) .Net full stack induction training with Communication skills

3) System and network administration training with Communication skills

4) Cybersecurity training with communication skills

5) Cloud administration with communication skills

6) Database professional training with communication skills

What’s covered in induction training?

Induction training typically covers topics such as

Company policies

Organizational structure

Compliance/mandatory training

Company culture

Company history

Role-specific training (IT/NON-IT)

How does induction training benefit new starters?

Induction training will assist new staff get up to speed quickly and efficiently, giving them the confidence to start working in their new role. This training helps new employees in a variety of ways, including:

Making freshers comfortable

Making freshers supported

Giving freshers the opportunity to improve their skills

Ensuring freshers shouldn’t feel like they are being thrown into the ‘deep end’ straight away

How does induction training benefit your business?

Induction training benefits not only employees, but also managers, HR teams, and learning and development managers – in fact, the entire business. So, if you’re thinking ‘what is induction training and why should I care?’, the following list presents some persuasive benefits.

Helps to identify skills gaps

Ensures staff meet standards before beginning work.

Reduces employee turnover.

Minimizes errors and mishaps caused by inadequate training.

What is the best way to carry out induction training?

    • Face-to-face training is the most effective approach to deliver instruction. Organizations that conduct face-to-face induction training eliminate many disadvantages of online training, such as participant attentiveness, participant interest in skill, how to work with peers, regular communication, office culture, interaction with seniors, adherence to office timings, and many more.
    • In-person training helps new employees understand corporate culture and how to interact with their peers.
    • Hire Innovative Technology Solutions as your induction training partner; we can deploy numerous trainers to multiple places at the same time. Benefits of undergoing induction training with us:

• Catering, Multiple locations at the same time.

• Multiple trainers in multiple locations at the same time.

• Same curriculum across all sites.

• Equal level of pre-post-test for all candidates.

• Recorded trainings

• Repeated trainings for weaker participants.

• Innovative content, learning materials, and hands-on labs