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AWS Certified Developer – Associate (Developing on AWS) Training

Among the most popular cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a collection of cloud computing services. By earning your AWS certification, you’ll be prepared for a rewarding job in the cloud computing industry where you can build, plan, and scale AWS installations. The AWS certification is a great way to demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of AWS principles and the ability to apply that knowledge in the workplace. Join our AWS training + certification and become AWS certified.

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AWS Certified Developer Associate Course Overview

This AWS Certified Developer Associate training will enable you the fundamentals of AWS architecture, as well as the newest trends and best practices for using it in the real Cloud world. Associate in AWS Certified Solutions Architect training is a well-respected credential. The AWS administration console is meant to provide you hands-on experience through official labs,  assignments and multiple real projects. You can become proficient in the essential AWS development skills in order to be able to write cloud-based apps, deploy those applications, and implement cloud initiatives. Innovative technology solutions are authorize training partner with AWS. 

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AWS Training Key Features

Skills Covered

Important things that you will discover

  • Application development for the EC2 cloud
  • The S3 asset storage and retrieval process
  • Using DynamoDB and RDS for data storage
  • Using API Gateway to build APIs
  • X-Ray and CloudWatch for application performance monitoring
  • Using IAM for Secure Login and Authorization
  • Kinesis and SQS can be used for application messaging.
  • Notifications Using Social Networking Sites
  • Using CloudFormation to create resources

Training Options

Self-Paced eLearning

  • Lifetime access to recorded self-paced eLearning course created by industry experts
  • 3 simulation AWS SAP mock test papers for Practice
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Corporate Training

  • Live Instructor Led / Campus delivery model
  • Flexible pricing options according to your requirements
  • Pre & Post evaluation test for comparison
  • 24x7 support & assistance

Course Curriculum

Who can take up AWS Certified Developer Associate Training?

Individuals who can take up AWS Certified Developer Associate online training include, but are not limited to:

  • Software Developers
  • AWS Development Professionals
  • Application Developers
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • IT Professionals
  • Aspiring AWS Developers
  • Professionals who are looking to enter the AWS career path
  • Professionals who are part of the AWS environment
  • Professionals who are looking to sit for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) certification exam


Participants taking part in this AWS Certified Developer Associate course need not have any prior knowledge or skills of AWS services. However, it would be advisable if professionals taking part in this training have at least general knowledge of web application development, which is required for this AWS career path. 

Course Content

  • Logistics
  • Student resources
  • Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Discuss the architecture of the application you are going to build during this course
  • Explore the AWS services needed to build your web application
  • Discover how to store, manage, and host your web application
  • Describe how to access AWS services programmatically
  • List some programmatic patterns and how they provide efficiencies within AWS SDKs and AWS CLI
  • Explain the value of AWS Cloud9
  • Review AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) features and components permissions to support a development environment
  • Demonstrate how to test AWS IAM permissions
  • Configure your IDEs and SDKs to support a development environment
  • Demonstrate accessing AWS services using SDKs and AWS Cloud9
  • Lab 1: Configure the Developer Environment
  • Describe the basic concepts of Amazon S3
  • List the options for securing data using Amazon S3
  • Define SDK dependencies for your code
  • Explain how to connect to the Amazon S3 service
  • Describe request and response objects
  • Perform key bucket and object operations
  • Explain how to handle multiple and large objects
  • Create and configure an Amazon S3 bucket to host a static website
  • Grant temporary access to your objects
  • Demonstrate performing Amazon S3 operations using SDKs
  • Lab 2: Develop Solutions Using Amazon S3
  • Describe the key components of DynamoDB
  • Explain how to connect to DynamoDB
  • Describe how to build a request object
  • Explain how to read a response object
  • List the most common troubleshooting exceptions
  • Develop programs to interact with DynamoDB using AWS SDKs
  • Perform CRUD operations to access tables, indexes, and data
  • Describe developer best practices when accessing DynamoDB
  • Review caching options for DynamoDB to improve performance
  • Perform DynamoDB operations using SDK
  • Lab 3: Develop Solutions Using Amazon DynamoDB
  • Develop a Lambda function using SDKs
  • Configure triggers and permissions for Lambda functions
  • Test, deploy, and monitor Lambda functions
  • Lab 4: Develop Solutions Using AWS Lambda Functions
  • Describe the key components of API Gateway
  • Develop API Gateway resources to integrate with AWS services
  • Configure API request and response calls for your application endpoints
  • Test API resources and deploy your application API endpoint
  • Demonstrate creating API Gateway resources to interact with your application APIs
  • Lab 5: Develop Solutions Using Amazon API Gateway
  • Describe the challenges with traditional architectures
  • Describe the microservice architecture and benefits
  • Explain various approaches for designing microservice applications
  • Explain steps involved in decoupling monolithic applications
  • Demonstrate the orchestration of Lambda Functions using AWS Step Functions
  • Analyze the evolution of security protocols
  • Explore the authentication process using Amazon Cognito
  • Manage user access and authorize serverless APIs
  • Observe best practices for implementing Amazon Cognito
  • Demonstrate the integration of Amazon Cognito and review JWT tokens
  • Lab 6: Capstone – Complete the Application Build
  • Identify risks associated with traditional software development practices
  • Understand DevOps methodology
  • Configure an AWS SAM template to deploy a serverless application
  • Describe various application deployment strategies
  • Demonstrate deploying a serverless application using AWS SAM
  • Differentiate between monitoring and observability
  • Evaluate why observability is necessary in modern development and key components
  • Understand CloudWatch’s part in configuring the observability
  • Demonstrate using CloudWatch Application Insights to monitor applications
  • Demonstrate using X-Ray to debug your applications
  • Lab 7: Observe the Application Using AWS X-Ray

AWS Exam & Certification

AWS professional certification is the next level of AWS solution architect associate. It validates advanced skills required for managing, maintaining, designing and migrating large scale infrastructure on AWS.

The AWS professional exam is one of the toughest exams in the IT industry. It is almost 10 times harder than associate level. 

You must have hands-on experience and deep knowledge of every service mentioned in the syllabus. Time limit is one of the factors. You will only have 180 minutes to understand and solve complex questions.

The AWS professional exam is one of the toughest exams in the IT industry. It validates your deep knowledge and understanding of AWS. Many companies demand for AWS professional certification because of its worthiness.

Complete training of AWS professionals with an official curriculum.  Go through recommended AWS whitepapers by the official exam guide. Practice common time management tricks for MCQs. Perform all labs multiple times.

AWS certification has a huge demand in the market. Additional knowledge of Linux / Windows system, Network management, Automation or scripting will give you an add-on benefit to get a job. AWS certification is listed in top 10 highly paid certifications in the IT industry.

AWS certification does not expire, but status of the certification is active for 3 years from the date you certified. To maintain status actively you require to periodically pass a new version of exam called recertification. You will get a 50% off on recertification of any AWS exam.

You must have to wait for 14 days before registration for retake. You can be processed for retake multiple times, but every time AWS will charge you full certification amount.

You don’t have any limit for exam retake. After 14 days of interval you can attempt a retake with full exam registration price.

AWS Solution architect associate is the most popular and demanding certification nowadays. AWS solution architect associate certification is also listed in top 10 most paying IT professional certification of 2020.

AWS solution architect doesn’t require coding. It is not a prerequisite. But knowledge of scripting will give you an add-on benefit for automation.  Like shell, python yaml or json.

Yes, you can work from home with AWS if your company allow you to do so. Yet is a public cloud but the maximum services company will not allow you access from the internet. Using a secure tunnel, VPN connection you can do work from easily.

For AWS practitioner exam cost is $100 USD. 

Associate level exam cost you $150 USD.

Professional and speciality exam cost is $300 USD. Which are the most costly all along.

AWS Certified Developer Associate


Why Innovative Technology Solutions

Our Virtual Instructor Led Training model brings classroom learning experience online. With our world-class LMS instructor-led training, self-paced E-learning and personalized mentoring you will get an immersive first-class learning experience.

Self-Paced E-learning

A self-paced e-learning with recorded video sessions that you can access anytime without going beyond your comfort zone.

Live Virtual Classroom

An interactive classroom style virtual instructor led training to engage and learn more alongside your peers with a live trainer.

Learner's Community

A Social forum where you can ask your questions, one of our expert will reply you within 24 hours on that community.

Online Access of Labs

Online access of practise labs that you can access anytime, anywhere your machine.

Industry Based Projects

Real-time Industry based projects will be shared by the trainers throughout the program

24/7 Assistance

Get engaged with integrated support assistance on your desktop and mobile learning


AWS certified Trainer having more than 15 years of experience in training and working in the IT field, will deliver AWS Solutions Architect Solution Professional Training.

No.  AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam Voucher fee is not included in the course fee. AWS solutions architect professional exam cost is USD 300

The AWS Professional certificate will  expire after 3 years from the date of issue.

Our Online classroom (Instructor-Led) training for AWS Solutions Architect Professional is conducted via live streaming app like zoom, Web-ex, or blue jeans by an AWS certified trainer having experience of more than 15 years in IT domain & training.

All of our AWS classes are conducted via live streaming app these are the interactive sessions that enable you to even ask questions with the trainer and participate in discussions during class time.